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Chiropractic Care

What Is Chiropractic Care?

As with any well-researched science, it is easy to get lost in technicalities and complicated explanations. Here is a simple way to describe chiropractic: it is an assessment of joints that have lost their ability to move properly due to misalignment. This misalignment results in nerve irritation and ultimately, pain and loss of function. Chiropractic care, when skillfully applied, returns motion to “stuck” joints, reduces pain and restores function.

Adjusting Styles

Chiropractor Amsterdam Chiropractic Care

Our treatments are gentle and efficient.

The majority of the techniques at Amsterdam Chiropractic are manual (hands-on) in nature, designed to gently and efficiently correct spinal and extremity misalignment. Here are some of the popular adjusting styles used:

Applied Kinesiology (AK)

J.G. Drewry, Doctor of Chiropractic, has earned professional certification in applied kinesiology following over 100 hours of meticulous coursework. This diagnostic and treatment technique is central to his practice, as it adds precision and specificity to each adjustment. AK is a high-level skill with outstanding diagnostic capabilities as well, providing a great degree of certainty for not only the doctor but for the patient as well. Read more»

Injury Recall Technique (IRT)

This advanced healing method is unique to Amsterdam Chiropractic. It is a gentle procedure used to help those who have suffered from either a recent injury or a years-old physical trauma. IRT restores muscle balance to pre-injury status, often dramatically relieving pain and restoring range of motion. The memory of the injury is eliminated on a cellular basis, and only one treatment is required to achieve a permanent resolution.

Other Adjusting Techniques

Dr. Drewry may also use one of the following techniques during your visit:

If nothing you have tried has worked so far, why not give research-based chiropractic care a chance? The treatments used at the practice are gentle and efficient, and the office is full of success stories. You can be one of those as well! Contact Amsterdam Chiropractic today for an appointment.


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