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What is different about getting shoulder treatment at Amsterdam Chiropractic?

Dr Drewry evaluates all the surrounding structures and spinal nerves. First the strength of the shoulder is tested. About one-third of shoulder problems are caused by direct pressure on the nerve roots in the neck. This nerve pressure is usually caused by a vertebra displacement in the lower neck on the same side. These cases are simple to correct. The shoulder will strengthen immediately and dramatically in these cases.

If not, then structures supporting the shoulder are tested, especially the bicipital tendon and gleno-humeral joint. One-third of shoulder weakness and pain comes from one or both. Occasionally the a/c joint, first rib, or clavicle need adjusting.

Then Dr Drewry tests each rotator cuff muscle individually with tests from applied kinesiology. There is an individual, specific test for supraspinatus, deltoid, teres minor, latissimus dorsi, and rhomboids. Typically one or 2 of these will be “inhibited” by a block in the nervous system.

Dr Drewry starts by first addressing the nerve in the neck, then the shoulder joints. Then facilitating all surrounding muscles with specific muscle tests. Taping the bicipital tendon if needed. Then shockwave can be used if it is still needed for the bursa.




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