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New Patients at Amsterdam Chiropractic

What to Expect

If you are visiting the practice for the first time, you should know exactly what to expect. The office has often been described as “Zen-like,” with an open floor plan, big windows, and a cheerful and comfortable ambiance. Dr. J.G. Drewry, Doctor of Chiropractic, wants you to have a great experience while you are visiting the practice, and will make sure that you feel welcome and supported from the moment you walk in the door.

Dr. Drewry’s treatments are accurate and customized. He offers low-force techniques for the elderly, sensitive and fragile, and specific protocols to speed up healing for those who have been injured.

Your First Visit

Once you’ve made your appointment, you’ll come to the clinic for your evaluation and treatment. You’ll be warmly greeted by Dr. Drewry, who will assess your condition through

  • A consultation and health history
  • An examination
  • Customized, noninvasive testing

Throughout the evaluation, Dr. Drewry will be constructing a clinical picture of your condition to arrive at a finely tuned diagnosis. Your assessment will be followed by a skillful, precise chiropractic adjustment to help you on your way to recovery. All follow-up visits will be about 15 minutes in length. For your added convenience, a bill for services will be sent to your residence in a week’s time, eliminating the need for immediate payment.

Book Your Appointment Today

Contact the practice today for a convenient appointment! Or, you can schedule your appointment online.

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