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Dreamwave Chair at Amsterdam Chiropractic

Before your treatment at Amsterdam Chiropractic, you may have the option to use our Dreamwave Chair. This is one of the top-rated massage chairs in the world, and is far superior to similar chairs seen in airports or spas.

The Dreamwave Chair has special features for chiropractic care patients, like spinal stretching and 100 airbags.

Extra Luxury Without Extra Charge

The Dreamwave Chair is an extra luxury for regular patients at no extra charge. For new patients, Dr. J.G. Drewry, Doctor of Chiropractic, will conduct an examination to see if the chair is appropriate for them. However, the chair is not recommended for people in severe pain, or pregnant women, or children.

Several independent reviewers, such as, rate this chair the #1 massage chair in the world.

Experience the Dreamwave Chair

Be sure to arrive 20 minutes prior to your appointment time to take advantage of the Dreamwave Chair. As always, please contact us if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment.

Dreamwave Chair Amsterdam NH | 020 846 0511